Inga Skowranek

Information Architecture and Ux Consultant



How are we to establish a clearly defined design from a flood of disorganised information we are confronted with? How can content be set up in such a way so as to be convincing from start to finish? Professional Information architecture is able to achieve the right structure – whether it be for websites or applications.


How should I reach my objective? How am I to actually arrive to that goal? Strategy clarifies the fundamentals regarding more effective online activity. It’s only when strategy is in its place, that work performance can start.


Whether we’re talking aout desktop or mobile. Whether it’s a relaunch or developing something new. Whether it’s a straightforward web-presence or a compex platform.

The pulse of my passion is digital.


How will this function and how should it feel? Ideas to set it off are needed in the concept phase. Concrete processes and Mechanics are developed, while Usability and User experience remain the subject of continuous testing.

Online-Conception. Pragmatic. To the point.

About me

Online-Conception. Pragmatic. To the point.

Inga Skowranek – Online concept developer, information architect and UX consulttant for digital channels

As a passionate Senior Freelance UX Consultant / Information Architect my main focus is in creating usable, individual and sustainable online solutions for the user by understanding their key needs and identifying new opportunities. I work as an advocate of the user and of the client. Within that role I guide them through the multifaceted options available in digital.

It is my responsibility to understand all requirements as well as the restrictions and to always create the most suitable solution. The result might be an online strategy, a complete basic or detailed concept, a prototype, a presentation or single concept deliverables (e.g. sitemap, flowchart, requirement list). The above techniques I implement when developing either apps, websites or other digital products.

As well as the knowledge and experience of digital I’ve gained in my professional life I deliver a high degree of passion in creative work, in digital trends and offer full commitment as well as innate and acquired communication skills. I am happy to use these skills as a UX Consultant for agencies and as a lecturer at the following institutes: Since 2012 I have been working at the FSG “Freie Schule für Gestaltung“ Hamburg / Wilhelmsburg and since 2014 also at the “Akademie für Publizistik“ (private school for journalists). The topics of my lessons all relate to the work of a UX Consultant / Information Architect inclusive of the challenges and requested deliverables.


I look forward to any work-related queries, but am also quite happy to exchange contact details for the purpose of exchanging information and knowledge.


mobil: +49 170 30 58 138

Inga Skowranek